Computer Animation

“When our clients think of computer animation, I want them to picture more than just spinning text at the end of a commercial.”

-Joe Justice
Computer Animator and Visual Effect Artist
The Media Center

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Computer Animation and Visual Effects

When you see some of the amazing things Hollywood is able to produce these days you can’t help but be impressed. Computer animation is extraordinarily effective in helping to deliver a message and reinforce branding. The “wow” factor of Hollywood quality effects is impactful, but the truth is you don’t need to go to Hollywood to get it.  


The Media Center offers a full gamut of computer animation and visual effects solutions. We’ll work with you to deliver exactly what you need whether it’s simply a drop-dead gorgeous logo, stunning visual effects or even an entirely animated production. 

 Combined with our video production services we can produce incredible products to help you get your message across. The sky is the limit.


"Since my advertising firm's founding in 1989, we have enjoyed a truly special relationship with partners of The Media Center. From our very first project, they have consistently put my firm's interests above their own. I trust them without reservation."

-Bryan A. Boyd, President & CEO
Bryan Boyd Creative Group, Inc.

Forensic Animation

If you’re an attorney routinely involved in litigation, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with presenting complex events to an uninformed audience, be it a mediator, judge or jury. When you’re involved in a case day to day, it becomes easy to take the facts for granted but when it comes time to present it to an audience you’ve been stymied. This can be a dynamic event like a car wreck or industrial accident, a complex event like a medical procedure or mining roof control plan or an expert's tutorial such as a time-line of events or product component demonstration. Forensic animation is ideally suited for helping you explain your case in these situations.


Forensic animation is the use of 3D computer animation to help illustrate an expert’s opinion or a witness' testimony. It can be a small part of an overall presentation or a primary piece of demonstrative aid. The key thing to understand is that it is driven by testimony and should be treated the same as a chart or diagram; it is in no way evidence in and of itself. 


What forensic animation is not - Forensic animation is not a mathematical simulation where the computer actually calculates the motion of objects based on user-defined variables. By doing this, a simulation actually creates evidence and therefore is handled in a dramatically different way by the court. It is important for an attorney to understand the difference between an animation and a simulation and that animation is to be used as a demonstrative aid and not as a piece of stand alone evidence.


Architectural Previsualization

If you’re an architect or project planner looking for a previsualization solution, The Media Center has you covered. We can produce high quality renderings of interior and exterior designs. Using the same technology that is used to produce the virtual movie sets that have become so popular today, we can even insert you and your colleagues directly into the virtual world for a truly customized and unique presentation.


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