2013 West Virginia Inaugural Ceremony

  • Posted on: 19 January 2013
  • By: The Media Center

This year The Media Center made a huge investment in new production equipment to better serve our clients and the region. We've purchased new cameras with studio configurations, thousands of feet of cable, video switchers, encoders, amplifiers, distributors, recorders and all of the little cases, bags and devices that make the whole thing mobile. What it amounts to is a fully digital, HD, mobile studio production that we can record, put up on a satellite or stream to the internet.

And while all that sounds impressive and high tech, the real proof is in the pudding! The first deployment of our new equipment was West Virginia's 2013 Inaugural Ceremony. Take a look and see for yourself at the incredible quality of this live production.

Look forward to seeing more of this level of quality production coming to you from The Media Center.

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