5 Questions for Premium Video Production

  • Posted on: 3 March 2015
  • By: Joe Justice

Joe Justice

So, you've gotten some video produced for your company's website or TV advertisement. That's great! Nothing generates leads or engages an audience like video. But are you getting premium video production or are you just getting video production? Premium video production gives you all the benefits of video plus prestige and substance.

But what is premium video production? And how can something as plentiful as video be premium?

Think about real estate. The only thing more plentiful than land is water, and yet, beach front property is sold at a premium. Why? Because beach front property has certain qualities that make it more valuable than other real estate.

Premium video production also has certain qualities that make it more valuable than regular video production. Among other things, premium video production tells a coherent story, has consistent branding and quality throughout, blends into other marketing strategies and doesn't require you to babysit the production company.

To know if you're getting premium video production, just answer these 5 questions:

  1. Is your video being produced by professionals? - Look, I know your nephew or your neighbor's kid is smart and really good with that MacPro he got for Christmas, but that doesn't make him a video professional. A video professional is someone who makes his living from video production. A video professional is someone who has a body of work.

  2. Does your video producer understand graphic design? - You just aren't going to have premium video without graphics. Video today has to convey a lot of information in a short period of time and hold the viewer's attention. You can't do that with a talking head. Even TV shows that are nothing but talking heads are loaded with graphics. With that said, the only thing worse than no graphics is terrible graphics. Nothing, and I really do mean nothing, looks more amateurish than poor graphic design.

  3. Is 3D computer animation available? - Flat, print-style graphics aren't enough. You need to be able to impress and captivate the viewer. To do that, you need stunning visuals.

  4. Does your video producer listen? - When you sit down with your video producer and tell him what you want, does he engage with you? Does he ask questions and zero in on pain points or come up with ways to simplify complex ideas? Is he enthusiastic? Does he contribute to the conversation? Or does he just nod his head and then make whatever he wanted to make in the first place? Does he even sit down and talk with you at all?

  5. Is your video producer an artist? - Now this question is a little more ephemeral. When Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart was asked to describe obscenity in Jacobellis v. Ohio he famously said, "I know it when I see it." The same is true for artists. You can look at their works and you'll know if they're artists or not. Your video deserves to be art and you can only get art from an artist.

If your answer is "no" to any of these questions, then you're not getting premium video production. When you get premium video production, you can feel it. Everything clicks and you feel good about it. People complement how amazing your new videos look, they ask you for your secret and, of course, your audience sees and understands your story.

When you're ready to get that feeling and experience premium video production, please give me a call me at 888-283-8118 or email me so we can talk about it.

-Joe Justice
Artist, The Media Center
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