Cartoon ad created for Advantage Technology

  • Posted on: 15 February 2012
  • By: The Media Center

When the folks at Advantage Technology wanted to make a fun and entertaining movie to share with their customers and attract new ones, they gave The Media Center a call. The Media Center is the only video production studio in West Virginia that can produce the kind of fun, character driven computer animation that really tells a story.

We worked with Advantage to develop our hero, Philip J. Payne, who represents every over-extended office manager in America today. He's got work that needs to get done, but when the company's computers begin to break down he's suddenly dealing with an office full of angry employees. Lucky for him the Advantage Technology van comes driving by just at the right time!

With this animation, Advantage Technology is telling all of you overwhelmed office managers out there that they feel your pain and they're here to help! Give them a call today and tell them how much you enjoyed the animation. And if Phil reminds you of yourself, then definitely call Advantage and get some help!

Advantage Technology

Watch it here:

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