Enjoy some football that's closer to home

  • Posted on: 26 January 2015
  • By: Joe Justice

Joe Justice

With the Big Game just around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to take a look back at some action that's a little closer to home. Starting back in August, WCHSTV.com and The Media Center teamed up to bring HD, broadcast quality High School football right to people's home via live web streaming. This was the FNFExtra Webgame of the Week, presented by First Bank of Charleston.

I can tell you without reservation that we have the best talent and highest quality live sports production in the state and if you'll pardon me just a moment, I'd like to brag on everyone who made it possible.

Our on-air talent fluctuated a little bit due to scheduling conflicts, but for the most part we had Mark Martin providing his excellent play by play with Adam Marco fleshing things out with his color commentary. On the sideline we had Joe Stevens, Tom Hunter, James Collier or Rudi Raynes, giving us the player's perspective.

A small army of producers, camera operators and system operators were employed by these shows to make everything happen. Each show used four cameras and half a dozen microphones to make sure we captured everything. Their signals are carried over hundreds of feet of cables to a production truck where sound is mixed, graphics are added and shots are selected. A producer in the truck was able to communicate with the on-air talent and the camera operators to keep everyone staying ahead of the game and tell the best possible story, as it unfolded in real-time.

From there the video signal is both recorded and sent to an encoder that published it to the Internet. The encoder actually breaks the video up into several different streams to make it accessible to all different kinds of Internet connections, a technique called Dynamic Streaming. What's cool about that is it gives us the ability to stream full HD quality video and if you have a fast enough internet speed, then you can see it at full HD. If you have a slower connection, then it will give you a lower stream so you can still watch it smoothly and live. Without the Dynamic Streaming, people with slower connection get constantly interrupted with the video stopping and buffering! And no one likes that.

So, behind the scenes, our camera operators included Chris Swope, Wesley Armstead and Janet Kunicki. Our producers were Courtney Sisk, John Calvert, Michelle Carroll, Rachel Tarr, Martin Hicks and Chuck Frostick. Sound was mixed by Charlie Cooper or Mike Riley.

And finally, directing each show was either myself, Dan Shreve or Lawrence Silbernagel.

Thanks to everyone involved in making it such a great season. And a special thanks to all of our sponsors, who made it possible.

Now, with no further adieu, here are the games.

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