The Health Plan Moves To Wheeling WV

  • Posted on: 4 December 2015
  • By: The Media Center

      A few days ago The Media Center was in Wheeling WV providing satellite uplinks and coverage for an event. During this event it was announced that The Health Plan, a health organization, is relocating their corporate headquarters to Wheeling. The Health Plan was originally from West Virginia, but moved its corporate headquarters to St. Clairsville OH. In his presentation the President and CEO of The Health Plan, Jim Pennington, said that he was extremely proud to say that The Health Plan was coming home to West Virginia. It was also announced that The Health Plan, working with the State of West Virginia, the City of Wheeling and the Regional Economic Development Partnership, will break ground in Wheeling in the spring of 2016 with construction of the 4-story, 53,000 square foot building being complete in the second quarter of 2017. This move will bring 300+ jobs to Wheeling which will have a tremendous impact on the local economy and Wheeling's Central Business District.

    The Media Center was on station providing stable satellite uplinks for local stations, as well as coverage for out of town stations that wanted to pick up the story. With our satellite truck in place and our team in position, The Media Center was ready to TELL THE STORY of The Health Plan making the move pack to West Virginia, which will provide jobs and impacting the local economy.

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