Upload files to The Media Center

You can upload a file or files directly to The Media Center by using our cloud file server:


Unless otherwise instructed, you can enter guest for both the username and password.

There click the up arrow to select files to upload.

Up arrow

File select

As the files are uploading you will see a spinning wheel beside the file name, do not leave the page until the wheel has stopping spinning.


When it has stopped, it means the file has been fully uploaded.


Congratulations! You have successfully uploaded a file to The Media Center.

Advanced Usage

Create a Folder to Upload to

You can create a a custom folder to upload files to by clicking New, then Folder

New Folder

Enter the name of the folder you wish to create and press the Enter key.

Folder name

The folder will then appear in the list.

Folder list

Click on the Folder to enter it. Once you are inside the folder you can upload files into it using the up arrow as described above.

Inside folder

Upload Multiple Files at Once

You can upload more than one file by selecting multiple files in the file selection dialogue that opens when you click the up arrow to upload. On a PC, you select multiple files by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on each file. On a Mac, hold down Command key and click on each file.

Multiple files

The files will all upload simultaneously.