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Since 2005 Dan Shreve and Joe Stevens have developed The Media Center into a company that specializes in one thing; telling stories with premium video production. That means gripping narratives, stunning visuals, engaging sound and dynamic artistry.

Earned Media

Earned media is any kind of attention garnered through promotional activity. In other words, it's creating news.

As West Virginia's only independent satellite truck owners we're in a unique position to get news coverage all over the world through video production. AEP relied on us for crisis communication in the aftermath of the 2012 derecho storm. Executives did live interviews with news stations all over the Mid-Atlantic, updating the station's viewing area with the very latest news on power outages. Via our satellite truck they were able to reach all of these areas from a single location in Charleston, WV.

Another fantastic example of earned media, completely different from the crisis communication needs of AEP, was when our friends at ACE Adventure Resort broke the world zip lining record. By creating a big event, they got a lot of news coverage. We were right there beside them, providing a live satellite video feed that was picked up all over the world and live video streaming right to their website.

If you want to learn more about earned media, Joe Stevens is the guy you want to talk to. Joe loves to talk about earned media. As a matter of fact, he loves to talk so much, we gave him his own direct phone number, 304-720-5466. Give him a call.

Paid Media

When most people think of video production, they think of paid media. Paid media is traditional purchased media. We're talking commercials, training videos, documentaries and the like.

Now we don't want to imply he's an old man, but Dan Shreve has been around video production for a long time. As a matter of fact he's been around since before video production, when it was all film production! He's seen it all and knows all of the ins and outs. (That's a little video editing joke there).

Our crew, from camera operators, grips and editors, are second to none. And our computer animation and visual effects from Joe Justice are unparalleled in the area. If you can dream it up, we can make it and we can even dream it up for you.

Social Media

When we're talking social media, we're talking the Internet, the world wide web, the Cloud or whatever new, trendy name marketing executives have dreamed. But don't let the alphabet soup of technologies overwhelm you, all we're really talking about is good 'ol word of mouth. It just takes place in web browsers and apps instead of barbershops and dinner parties.

Video is king on-line and that mean you need video production for your social media presence. Whether it's a funny or informative video, some cool animation or on-line game, your goal with social media is to give people something to talk about.

We understand technology, what works, what doesn't work and how to make it happen. And more importantly, we're always happy to help you understand it.

Do you have a story to tell?

Now that we've defined these areas and put them in a neat, little box, let's rip the lid off! Video production is inherently synergistic. And that's where all the fun is.

You could produce an informative video and hold a news conference to promote it. Now, take the news conference and turn it into a web story and see if we can make it go viral. Or how about making a fun, interactive website, and filming people's first reaction to it and turning their reactions into a news story? The sky is the limit.

As long as you have a story to tell, The Media Center crew is here to help you tell it.

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